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Workplace Pensions & Employee Benefits

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You wouldn't expect your employees to work without a coffee break. From now on, you can't expect them to work without a pension scheme either.

All employers must now automatically enrol eligible jobholders in qualifying workplace pension schemes. The schemes must meet certain quality standards and include contributions from employers.

There are various routes to comply with auto-enrolment, and Kerr Henderson can help select the right one for you. There are three main menu choices, with the option of adding extras along with the way.

Workplace Pensions & Auto-Enrolment

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With the introduction of auto-enrolment in October 2012, every UK employer with at least one employee now must have a compliant workplace pension scheme.

We understand that this change in legislation can bring administrative challenges and changes, not to mention financial implications for any business. That's why we recommend that you start planning no fewer than 6 months in advance of your staging date.

So whatever your business aims and objectives, Incorporate by Kerr Henderson can provide you with the solution using one of our three product tiers:

Bespoke Pensions - Made to Order

Robust blend, brewed exactly as you like it

The Bespoke Solution is tailored to fit your precise needs. Before we make any recommendations, we will review your circumstances, so that the solution we put forward meets your needs exactly.

We will research the market independently on your behalf and will recommend the very best solution for your business. You can add any of our extra services to this option, to have it just the way you like it.

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'Good to Go' Pensions

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High Quality Ingredients, Neatly Packaged

This is a cost-effective solution, because some items are pre-packaged (the pension provider and default investment fund), meaning that your overall costs are reduced. The package complies with legislation, and is reasonably priced for small to medium-sized businesses (5 - 250 employees) who meet certain criteria, with competitive charges not available directly.

That doesn’t mean we have reduced the quality of the product. We offer this option in partnership with a leading pension provider and we provide guidance through your scheme set up, with ongoing support to help you with compliance. It’s all set up for you and ready to go. You can always add extra services to Good to Go if you need them.

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Working with NEST

No-fuss instant to grab & go

NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) was set up by law to support auto-enrolment, and is run by a trustee body accountable to Parliament through the Department for Work and Pensions. NEST has a public service obligation to provide auto-enrolment solutions to employers, whatever the make-up of their workforce. You can use NEST as your sole auto-enrolment solution or as an entry-level scheme for those with low to moderate earnings.

There are (so far) three main schemes that have been set up as an alternative to NEST. These are The People's Pension, NOW and The Workers Pension Trust. If you want a no fuss, instant solution, we can recommend the best brand for your business.

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Employee Benefits - Making it Easy

Would you like a snack with that?

Why not make your coffee break a little more substantial by adding something on the side? While considering your auto-enrolment options, you can enhance employee benefits with the extras of your choice.

Get your teeth into the Group Risk extras on offer at Kerr Henderson. Group Risk is the name for other insurance services you can add to your employee package. These services are a relatively inexpensive way to boost benefits. You can choose from products that offer protection, healthcare or executive perks.

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Group Income Protection

The meat in the sandwich

Whether your employees choose to work to live or live to work, they will really appreciate knowing that if something happens to them there is cover in place to help make sure life continues as normally as possible. This can range from making sure income continues if they are off work short or long term, right through to making sure there is enough money for their nearest and dearest to continue with life if they weren’t around anymore.

Providing these benefits through group schemes can be cost effective and in many cases no medical underwriting is needed for the vast majority of members, so even those who aren’t in perhaps the best of health may be able to benefit from some cover.

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Group Healthcare

Boost it with something healthy

These benefits are often seen as too expensive, even though they are probably one of the most appreciated and sought-after employee benefits you can provide. We’ve got some great ideas on how you can provide valuable cover without breaking the bank. We have negotiated some special deals on health screenings for our clients.

Health Screenings now available - Click here to find out more.

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Additional Employee Benefits

A sweet treat

We’ve got many other ideas which we’d like to discuss with you over a coffee that would be really valued by your employees. Some of these benefits involve little or no cost to the employer - yet do help to save your employees some money. We’ve also some ideas around how you can manage and reduce absence within your company and get your employees back to work.

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