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Auto-enrolment can be difficult for any business, even if it was a success! However sometimes things might not go entirely to plan or maybe fail to meet your expectations as an employer. It never hurts to get a second opinion, right?

Kerr Henderson is a leading employee benefits firm providing a comprehensive range of services to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your employee benefits package.

That’s why we developed Incorporate, Incorporate is our flagship employee benefits service built to help you stay compliant, ensure your benefits are communicated and utilised by your staff and to help you manage and administrate your package efficiently.

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Symptoms often include:

Avoiding Regulatory Fines

Do you need a second opinion?

Just like getting a parking ticket, no one wants to find out they’ve been slapped with a regulatory fine after progressing through the costly auto-enrolment mill.

As part of our ongoing service to you, Kerr Henderson will review your existing pension arrangements and advise you on how to ensure that you remain compliant in the future through any regulatory or natural changes to your pension scheme such as contributions, re-enrolments or deferments.

If you would like to find out more information on how compliant your company's pension scheme arrangements are, book a consultation today with a member of our team.

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Poor Member Outcomes

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Your communication strategy is key

Have your employee benefits been suffering from poor staff engagement rates since you implemented your strategy? Maybe it’s time to step back and evaluate?

There can be many reasons why this occurred, but one of the most common problems can be poor communication.

We appreciate that not everyone is interested in or fully engaged with what they are being told about their pension and may therefore be afraid of making the wrong decision.

At Kerr Henderson, we specialise in designing bespoke communications, ranging from emails or letters to presentations or clinics run by our consultants for your employees. These are easy to understand and help inform their decisions about their pension scheme. Now no one need miss out!

If you would like to find out more information on how to best communicate your benefits, book a consultation today with a member of our team.

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Administration Nightmares

Choose your payroll provider wisely

No matter what happens after you auto-enrol, continuing to manage and administer your arrangements is paramount.

So why not review what payroll platform you rely on and ensure that it can help you manage your auto-enrolment commitments such as member opt-in’s and opt-outs effeciently.

Kerr Henderson will work with you to find a suitable payroll platform or assist in devising an administration process to ease the administrative burden auto-enrolment creates, allowing you to remain focussed on the day to day business-critical decisions.

Book your consultation today to find out more.

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